Sunday Jun 12, 2022

008 | Sagittarius Full Moon: As the Fog Lifts, Clarity Arrives

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Astrology highlights for the week of June 12, 2022:


00:49 – This week's theme is As the Fog Lifts, Clarity Arrives!


00:54 – The week's Big 3: First, a Sagittarius Full Moon could be illuminating for all! The birth of this lunar gestational family was on Dec 14, 2020. This New Moon was a  Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius! The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is "A bluebird, a sign of good luck and happiness, is standing at the door of the house." What can you invite in? This Full Moon sextiles Saturn at 25 Aquarius and squares Neptune at 25 Pisces: Reality is available. How can you bring structure to the dream this week? The Sun in Gemini gives information: Facts are provided; can you emotionally connect with wisdom?


04:34 – Second, Mercury is still treading over the old ground of the retrograde (Rx) until the 19th, so there still could be lots of revelations! (Mercury stationed at 4 Gemini initially and went Rx to 26 Taurus: It's in its "shadow period" until it passes 4 Gemini!) Secrets may be revealed.


05:11 – Third: On Monday, Mercury reenters Gemini. The personal planets – Mercury, Mars, and Venus – will all be in their home signs and direct, expressing their energies easily! Mercury in Gemini: How can you communicate clearly, with ease and lightness? Venus in Taurus: How can you magnetize what you want to you? Mars in Aries: How can you create healthy boundaries? How can you feed what you want to grow and release what you want to leave behind?


06:58 – On Sunday, the word of the day is SELF-REFLECTION. Today's transits include the Moon in intense, fixed Scorpio and the Sun on fixed star Bellatrix (the signature of success through the shadow). The Moon's last aspect is an opposition to Mercury in Taurus; it then enters Sag at 3:31 pm PT.


09:02 – On Monday, the theme is PERSUADE. Mercury reenters Gemini at 8:26 am PT. Mercury also parallels Uranus today.


10:10 – Tuesday's focus is ILLUMINATION. What will be revealed? We have the Full Moon at 23 Sagittarius at 7:51am PT. (This Lunar Gestational Cycle is connected to Dec 14 2020, and Sep 14 2021. Can you connect with the story in your own life?) Celeste also shares an astrology in action story related to the 2020 election cycle! At this Full Moon, Mars is conjunct Chiron, and Venus the grape-eater is semisquare Jupiter in Aries! The Moon's last aspect is a square to Neptune and then enters Cap at 3:13 pm PT.


14:23 – Wednesday's word is RECOVERY. Today's transits: Mars conjuncts Chiron at 15 Aries, and Mars is biquintile the South Node.


15:41 – On Thursday, the theme is DECISION. Today transits: the Sun trines Saturn; Venus conjuncts the North Node and parallels Uranus; and the Sun squares Neptune. The Moon enters Aquarius at 2:43 pm PT. The Moon's last aspect is a trine to the Sun.


18:17 – Friday's word is SURPRISE. The Moon parallels Pluto. Uranus in Taurus sextiles Juno (the asteroid of partnership) in Pisces.


19:21 – On Saturday, the word of the day is COMPASSION. Venus squares Saturn and sextiles, Neptune. Mercury leaves the shadow of the retrograde and passes 4 Gemini – hooray! Finally, the Moon enters Pisces at 4:01 pm.


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