Sunday Jun 26, 2022

010 | Cancer New Moon: The Sweet Smell of Success

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Astrology highlights for the week of June 26, 2022:


00:48 – This week's theme is: The Sweet Smell of Success! Celeste pulled a card from The Oracle of Mystical Moments: It's #22, Like a Bird. "Surround yourself with activities or people who make you feel inspired."


02:15 – The 3 big things this week: First, the Moon is out of bounds most of the week. Out-of-bounds is when a celestial body goes beyond the maximum declination of 23°27', either north or south. The planet is outside the boundary or limits of the ecliptic plane, beyond the plane of the Sun's apparent orbit around the Earth. Out-of-bounds planets take on a Uranian flavor. And the Moon represents the mood of the people, so you may find that folks are acting out of emotion more easily. On the positive side, we can use this energy to move past limitations!


03:40 – Second, this week, there are some fruitful sextiles! Mars and Saturn sextile on Monday, and Jupiter and Venus on Tuesday. Sextiles offer an opportunity; they are 60-degree aspects and can bring ease and flow and opportunities for growth through people or situations. Astrologer Frank Clifford recently said, "The definition of success is talent + energy + courage."


04:57 – Third, this week, we have a New Moon at 7 Cancer on Tuesday! Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means the energy is initiating. It's also a water sign: How can you trust your gut this week? (Don't forget to download Celeste's complimentary  Setting Intentions Guide!) This New Moon will square Jupiter: How can you be joyful and feel abundant, even through these difficult times?


06:08 – On Sunday, the word of the day is POSITIVITY! The Balsamic Moon in Gemini invites us to be flirty and have fun. Avoid mind games.


07:23 – On Monday, the theme is PURSUIT. Mars in Aries sextiles Saturn in Aquarius. Hard work and persistence pay off.


09:09 – Tuesday's focus is SERENDIPITY!   Moon enters Cancer at 4:53 am PT. New Moon at 7 Cancer at 7:52 pm PT. Set intentions for what you want to grow and nurture.


11:22 – On Wednesday, the main idea is to SHINE. Shine bright like a diamond. #Rihanna


12:07 – On Thursday, the word is DETERMINATION. Moon enters Leo at 5:39 pm PT. Use the fire wisely – be inspired, not reckless.


13:36 – On Friday, the word of the day is SELF-PROTECTION. Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Be aware of your surroundings.


15:12 – On Saturday, the focus is COMMUNICATION. Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces. Pause to assemble your thoughts before speaking to avoid miscommunication.


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