Sunday Jan 15, 2023

039 | Aquarius Season, Mercury Direct, & Fixed Star Facies: Penetrating Vision

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Astrology highlights for the week of January 15, 2023:


00:51 – Announcement: Join Celeste for a fun and interactive Aquarius New Moon Workshop!


02:26 – This week's theme is: Penetrating Vision! The week's three big things are: First, Mercury stations direct at 8 Capricorn on Wednesday! It's stationing on fixed star Facies, which, according to Astrology King, is associated with warlike skill and danger to the eyes. Take extra care of your eyes this week! In horary astrology, Facies is associated with eyesight as well. It can also be about having a penetrating vision, and an intense and probing nature. How can you focus on what you want to bring forward? Also, Mercury is stationing in a quincunx to Mars, which can feel like an irritant. How can you release a thought process or way of thinking to help move you forward? A Yod or "finger of God" is also present, as Mercury sextiles the South Node in Scorpio. Will we see big news related to this Yod?


07:13 – Second, the Sun will have its annual conjunction with Pluto. Think: intensity and deep waters. (Lend your ears to Episode 36, "The US Pluto Return & Mercury Retrograde: Surprise!," to hear more about Pluto.) The Sun puts a spotlight on things, and Pluto breaks things down – it rules death and rebirth. This transit could be significant for the US, as Mars is on our natal Uranus. Will we see power struggles or some news of aggression? Remember to breathe and ground yourself if you feel out of sorts.


10:52 – Third, the Sun enters Aquarius on Friday, and we have an Aquarius New Moon on Saturday! Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer but  is an air sign. (The water represents the water of knowledge.) Aquarius rules over the collective and is future-focused. Saturn rules it in traditional astrology and Uranus in modern astrology. It's also the sign of our hopes and dreams. What's your bigger vision? How can you step back and have a higher view of things?


13:26 – On Sunday, the theme is PASSION. What lights you up? The Moon enters Scorpio at 4:08 am PT.


14:23 – On Monday, the word of the day is ADJUSTMENTS. Be flexible and release entrenched positions.


16:44 – Tuesday's focus is BENDING. Be like a willow tree, bend but do not break. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 9:32 am PT.


17:54 – On Wednesday, the word is REBIRTH. Things you thought were dead may have a second life. The Balsamic Moon at 13 Sagittarius is at 7:55 am PT.


18:58 – On Thursday, the theme is SERENDIPITY. Luck and opportunity meet! The Moon enters Capricorn at 11:11 am PT.


19:55 – On Friday, the emphasis is PERSPECTIVE. Put on your observer's cap. The Sun enters Aquarius at 12:29 am PT.


21:26 – On Saturday, the word is BEGINNINGS. The Moon enters Aquarius at 10:28 am PT. The New Moon is at 12:53 pm at 1 Aquarius.


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