Sunday Feb 05, 2023

042 | Leo Full Moon & Fixed Star Aldebaran: Bullseye!

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Astrology highlights for the week of February 5, 2023:


00:51 – Announcements: On Friday, February 10, join Celeste and the Friends of Astrology for a presentation on the Moon Phase Families! And join Celeste for a FREE astrology workshop on how to use Solar Fire. And Celeste's Pisces New Moon Workshop is also now available!  


02:17 – This week's theme is: Bullseye!


02:26 – The three big things: First, Celeste discusses the murder of Tyre Nichols death due to police brutality. The murder of Tyre is linked to the 3rd hit of the USA Pluto return, highlighting state abuses of power and brutality. (Want to hear more on the US's Pluto Return? Listen to Episode 36, The US Pluto Return & Mercury Retrograde: Surprise!) The Ascendant was at 29 Leo, on fixed star Regulus (the royal star whose nemesis is vengeance). And the MC was on 26 Taurus. There was also a Yod, or "finger of God" to the South Node in Scorpio. Learn more and see the charts in the YouTube video.


07:53 – Second, we have a Full Moon at 16 Leo on Sunday (February 5). Leo is a fire sign that speaks to how we shine our light and our creative self-expression. It is opposite the Sun at 16 Aquarius, which is about our relationship to the collective. How do you shine your light? How do you consider others when you're taking action for yourself? This Full Moon squares Uranus, which is on a visible world point at 15 Taurus. And Venus in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini at this time, there is potential for arguments and feeling emotional. The Lunar Phase Family for this Full Moon began in Aug. 2021, then had an opening story in May 2022. (The Last Quarter for this cycle will be in Nov. 2022.) What echoes for you? What story is being played out? How do you want to move your vision forward?


13:01 – Third, fixed star Aldebaran (at 10 Gemini) is activated this week, where Mars stationed. It's associated with the bullseye and is said to give riches and honors. Success comes with acting through integrity. It is one of the royal stars of Persia that acts as an amplifier and magnifies the qualities of the planet (where Mars stationed). Astrology King offers that Maternus writes of Aldebaran, "…when aspected by a malefic portends sudden and unexpected involvement in riots and sedition resulting in justly being condemned by the people." Tune in to hear Celeste draw more links to Tyre, this star, and the Full Moon this week.


15:46 – On Sunday, the theme is LUMINOSITY. Shine bright. The Full Moon at 16 Leo at 10:28 am PT.


16:20 – On Monday, the word of the day is ASTUTE. Listen to your inner voice. The Moon enters Virgo at 1:13 pm PT.


17:21 – Tuesday's focus is IMPULSIVE. Look before you leap.


18:30 – On Wednesday, the word is FLOUNDER. Focus on the most critical tasks. Avoid shiny object syndrome.


19:01 – On Thursday, the theme is JUSTICE. Treat others fairly. The Moon enters Libra at 12:46 am. The Disseminating Moon at 5 Libra at 12:07 pm.


20:13 – On Friday, the emphasis is CRITICAL. Is the power struggle worth it? Choose your battles.


21:35 – On Saturday, the word is HAWKEYE. Notice the little things. The Moon enters Scorpio at 10:34 am PT.


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