Sunday Mar 05, 2023

046 | Saturn in Pisces, Virgo Full Moon, and Independent Women

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Astrology highlights for the week of March 5, 2023:


00:51 – Announcements: Sign up for the final FREE "Ask Celeste Anything" Moon Mastery webinar: Check out upcoming events! And Moon Mastery 101 begins next week: Sign up here!


02:51 – This week's theme is: Independent Women!


03:01 – The three big things: First, we have a Full Moon at 14 Virgo this week! The Moon is conjunct the Asteroid Lilith (representing the woman who would not be subservient) and parallel fixed star Altair (the eagle, representing boldness and military power). This Full Moon also squares Mars at 21 Gemini on fixed star Capella, expressing the need for independence. So, this Full Moon represents folks struggling against oppression. Also, will Beyonce make news this week? Her chart is activated!


05:55 – Second, Saturn enters Pisces for the next three years! Saturn represents structures, boundaries, and achievement after hard work. Pisces is the zodiac's last sign, representing endings, compassion, forgiveness, spirituality, and concern for other people. Will Jimmy Carter make more news? His chart is activated, and he represents both an authority (Saturn, since he was President) and he's very Piscean. Where are you looking to find mastery? Where is Pisces in your chart, and what house will Saturn pass through? (Also, for only $12, grab your Saturn in Pisces video series!)


09:00 – Third, Jupiter (abundance, law, long journeys) meets Chiron ("the wounded healer") at 14 Aries. This transit could also be related to women fighting for freedom globally: Venus in Aries is sextile Mars in Gemini in a received sextile. Also, Mercury in Pisces is sextile Uranus in Taurus – on a world point! Will there be an announcement about change or freedom from something? We may see a release with the Moon in the Disseminating Phase (5 Scorpio) and near the South Node. The Jupiter/Chiron conjunction at 14 Aries is also conjunct fixed star Alpheratz, which relates to the wonder of the flying horse and its sense of freedom and love of movement. What will be set free in your life, and what will we see in world news?


15:45 – On Sunday, the theme is OPPORTUNITY. Make your own magic. The Moon enters Virgo at 7:38 pm PT.


17:09 – On Monday, the word of the day is FREEDOM. Bad habit begone! Someone may wild out.


18:20 – Tuesday's focus is DISSOLUTION. Check out the show notes for the Saturn in Pisces video series. The Full Moon at 16 Virgo is at 4:40 am PT. Saturn enters Pisces at 5:34 am PT.


19:27 – On Wednesday, the word is RECOVERY. What was lost may be found. The Moon enters Libra at 6:43 am PT.


20:16 – On Thursday, the theme is ENCHANTMENT. Find the delight in something magical.


20:45 – On Friday, the emphasis is DEEP. Complex emotions may surface. The Moon enters Scorpio at 4:05 pm PT.


21:31 – On Saturday, the word is REQUEST. Ask, believe, receive! The Disseminating Moon at 5 Scorpio is at 2:32 am PT. Jupiter is conjunct Chiron at 14 Aries.


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