Sunday Mar 26, 2023

049 | Venus conjunct Uranus: Unexpected Visitors!

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Astrology highlights for the week of March 26, 2023:


00:51 – Announcements: Celeste is speaking for the San Francisco Astrological Society about the nodal shift (North Node in Aries) on March 30, purchase a ticket via Celeste's events page. Also, eclipse season will soon be upon us, so now is the time to book a private astrology reading!


02:18 – This week's theme is: Unexpected Visitors!


02:28 – The three big things: First, Mars entered Cancer yesterday until May 20. (For more, check out last week's Episode 48 - Pluto in Aquarius, Mars in Cancer, & Aries New Moon: The Initiation!) One more point on this ingress: Mars will be reporting to the Moon while it's in nostalgic Cancer. There tends to be a lack of stability with this because the Moon changes signs every 2-3 days – thus our emotions tend to shift a bit, too. Do you notice people acting differently based on the sign the Moon is in? Since Mars will be in Cancer for a couple of months, it's a good time to get a feeling for each of the Moon signs! You may feel a bit more agitated during this time, so use your breath, meditate, exercise, and use the tools at your disposal to ground yourself.


04:44 – Second, we have First Quarter Moon (FQM) at 8 Cancer on Tuesday! FQMs are a time to take action, and with the Sun in Aries, we are encouraged to take inspired action to achieve our goals. How do feelings of a desire for safety and security lead you to avoid risk? Think: risks vs. safety. How are you playing small or self-sabotaging yourself? Cancer is the sign of home, family, and foundations – so it's a good time to think about how you grew up and how your internal messaging plays out. What adjustments do you need to make? And what started for you around June 28, 2022? This is when the Lunar Phase Family began! (The other two dates tied to this will be a Full Moon on December 26, 2023, and a Last Quarter Moon on September 24, 2024. What themes will echo for you around these Cancerian themes?)


07:50 – Third, Venus joins Uranus at 16 Taurus on March 30! Venus rules love, harmony, beauty, and relationships. Uranus is called "the Great Awakener" and brings sudden events. Uranus also innovates and surprises – so what will we see around these Venus topics? Will we see more news regarding wealth?

Interestingly, Venus is also parallel Uranus until the 30th! Parallels are about declination. Venus is also at home in Taurus – she is the ruler of this conjunction – so it will be interesting to watch the news regarding women around the world.


11:35 – On Sunday, the theme is HEALING. People may act out based on childhood wounds. Use the energy for healing rather than raging.


12:57 – On Monday, the word of the day is SQUAKING. Ask for clarification to ensure you are on the same page.


14:56 – Tuesday's focus is SOLITARY. Working alone may bring innovative ideas. There is the potential to make great strides. The Moon enters Cancer at 3:21 am PT. The First Quarter Moon at 8 Cancer at 7:32 pm PT.


17:12 – On Wednesday, the word is EXERCISE. Move your chi to dispel excess energy.


18:44 – On Thursday, the theme is IMAGINATIVE. The Moon enters Leo at 3:31 pm PT. Write down any surprising insights.


20:19 – On Friday, the emphasis is SEXY. Have fun.


21:41 – On Saturday, the word is UNEXPECTED. Welcome serendipity. The Gibbous Moon is at 27 Leo at 10:23 pm PT.


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